Connecting Chinese electronic components manufacturers with US & Europe

Let us help you extend your reach into the western world.


A trusted partner to handle all aspects of your business in U.S. & Europe.

We will build your business with our industry relationships & expertise.

Our services will accelerate your growth in new markets with real customers. We cover all your needs from setting up an office, establishing a distribution network and implementing a digital sales platform.


We will build your distribution network to accelerate your growth.

Distribution Network • Design Wins • New Markets

Our expertise with distribution channels and knowledge of these markets allows us to build a powerful distribution network to grow your business.

Build a digital platform that drives sales

Intelligent Analytics • Sales Driven Leads • Reach Engineers

A sales focused website is key to growth in today’s market. Content that meets engineers needs as they design with your product is fundamental in your success. Intelligent analytics that capture leads will constantly feed your sales pipeline.

Access sales teams with established customers.

Sales Team • Build Pipeline • Customer Introductions

Established sales representatives with current customers will quickly bring your products to the market. We provide training resources and technical support so sales teams can comfortably sell your product with confidence.

Finally, a way to easily sell electronics across the world.

Interested in expanding to the US & European Market?

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